CryoPacific, Inc.
  • Our Business

    CryoPacific, Inc. (formerly R3 Enterprises) is a recognized leader in providing fully integrated cryogenic systems solutions. We were founded on the basis of providing customers with complete system design, manufactured scope, and turn-key installation. CryoPacific has over 30 years of experience in demonstrated cryogenic technology relating to the handling, processing, and storing of atmospheric liquefied gases. We have built a strong reputation on cost effective, user-friendly, high quality, cryogenic systems to a variety of end users.

    CPI is the first in the industry to produce "Laboratory Grade" VJ Pipe. This pipe has a mirrored external finish that provides a sterile and clean appearance which is ideal for indoor settings. Laboratory grade also provides less LN2 consumption than the standard industrial grade pipe would. So it's attractive and efficient!

  • CryoPacific offers a variety of products and services to fit your cryogenic needs. These include:

    - LN2 Vacuum Jacketed (VJ) Piping Systems
    - Vacuum Jacketed (VJ) Pipe
    - Cryovents
    - Cryovent Heaters
    - Bayonets
    - Vacuum Jacketed (VJ) Flex Hose
    - LC Auto Switch


    CryoPacific is now a proud agent representing DH Industries in the United States. DH Industries is an experienced cryogenic service provider, specializing in stand-alone cryogenerators and closed-loop cooling systems. Their two brands, Stirling Cryogenics and CryoZone, have earned a solid reputation in their respective field of expertise.

CryoPacific, Inc.