CryoPacific, Inc.
  • Our Business

    CryoPacific, Inc. (formerly R3 Enterprises) is a recognized leader in providing fully integrated cryogenic systems solutions. We were founded on the basis of providing customers with complete system design, manufactured scope, and turn-key installation. CryoPacific has over 30 years of experience in demonstrated cryogenic technology relating to the handling, processing, and storing of atmospheric liquefied gases. We have built a strong reputation on cost effective, user-friendly, high quality, cryogenic systems to a variety of end users.
  • Engineering, Consulting & Support

    CryoPacific has assembled a comprehensive engineering staff in the field of cryogenic engineering technologies. Our team of skilled professionals specialize in the field of design and problem-solving of cryogenic systems. We provide a full scope of cryogenic engineering support, detailed equipment design, and consulting services. Our specialties include process optimization, hardware selection/procurement, manufacturing and installing turnkey systems, and troubleshooting existing systems.
  • Our Philosophy

    We approach our markets and products with the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with unparalleled support. We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative solution to each application to optimize their overall business performance.
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CryoPacific, Inc.