CryoPacific, Inc.


Electronic auto-vent maintaining liquid

Electronic auto-vent maintaining liquid continuously in an LN2 supply header

Cryogenic liquids are used by many industries in support of their final product. CryoPacific provides these end-users with an extension to a knowledge base that allows them to operate comfortably, enabling them to have a better understanding of the use and efficient/safe handling of the cryogenic liquid. End-users include primary metals production, biological storage/transportation, food/beverage processing, electronics/semi-conductor, entertainment, alternative energy, welding industry, environmental processes, and aerospace/civil defense ground equipment/testing.

Our Markets

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Biotech
  • Industrial gas
  • Alternative fuels and energy
  • Semiconductor and nano electronics
  • Food processing and beverage packaging
  • Vacuum coating technology
  • Entertainment
CryoPacific, Inc.