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CryoPacific’s Cryogenic  Vacuum Jacketed  Automatic Valves

CPI Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed  Automatic Valves incorporate the use of our efficient valve line combined with pneumatic actuators to provide reliable  automatic shut –down operation for your cryogenic application.  CPI Cryogenic valves have very good flow characteristics combined with low heat-leak values to maximize both the hydraulic performance while minimizing  heat load losses to the overall system.  CPI valves are specifically designed for critical  applications such as LH2 and LHe service where low heat leak is of the utmost importance.  A special extended valve bonnet design coupled with  an open intermediate piece that separates the actuator from the cold-end of the valve allows the actuator to operate at normal atmospheric temperatures.  This will lead to long  actuator and valve seal life.   A unique intermediate coupler design allows for the valve to actuator engagement for ease of maintenance and removal.  All valves are Mass-spectrometer leak checked to ensure vacuum tight integrity.  Both the actuator and valve are pressure tested to code standards.

Product Literature:

CPI – Cryogenic Automatic Valve Product Sheet – Apr2012

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