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CryoPacific’s Cryovent heater is designed to eliminate the “Ice-ball “ effect which is typical with most cryovent exhaust ports.  The purpose of Cryovent devices is to expel the residual gas caused by the natural heat leak of a cryogenic system.  This gas is very cold and when combined with normal atmospheric conditions, ice is formed,  in and around the exhaust port of the cryovent.  The cryovent heater provides a heated path by where the cryogenic gas is warmed to halt the creation of ice and condensation.  This heater is powered by standard 110 Vac, 3 amp circuit and can either be plugged in or hard wired. This creates  an environment that is safe and can minimize any potential pipe strain which can be associated with a non-heated cryovent.


Product Literature:

CPI – Cryovent Heater Product Sheet – Apr2011

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