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Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

VJ Pipe with use point

VJ Pipe with use point

Vacuum jacketed (VJ) pipe is the most thermally efficient way of transferring cryogenic liquids.  It is more than 40 times more efficient than conventional foam-insulated copper piping.  Although it costs more, its quick return on investment makes long-term business sense.

Spending more money than you should on heat losses?

Cryogen users are often unaware of how much money they’re spending on heat losses.  Every system has some degree of heat loss – the result of cryogenic liquid warming up into gas.  This gas is unusable and vented off, and too much is a waste of money.  How to mitigate heat loss?  By minimizing heat leak.  This is where we come in.

Our vacuum jacketed pipe is specially engineered to minimize heat leak.  We took 50 years of industry technology and added some modern innovations.  We rigorously test each spool before it gets installed, and that’s why our VJ pipes provide a lifetime of maintenance free service.  We guarantee our VJ systems will optimize your equipment performance and reduce your cryogen costs to where they should be.

How does it work?

The basic concept of VJ pipe hasn’t changed much since the 1960s when it was invented to serve the needs of the space program.  It essentially consists of two pipes, one inside the other.  The inner process pipe carries the cryogen, and the outer jacket pipe supports and seals the vacuum insulation, forming the vacuum jacket.  The annulus is pumped down to a high vacuum and sealed.  This static vacuum reduces conductive and convective heat transfer from the jacket pipe (at ambient temp.) to the process pipe (at cryogenic temp.) to an absolute minimum.

Introducing “Laboratory-grade” VJ pipe

Laboratory Grade Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Mirrored Finish of "Laboratory Grade" Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Does your R&D lab or food processing application require a clean and sterile environment?  Want to impress those investors or customers with that state-of-the-art sparkle when they tour your facility?  Then laboratory-grade VJ pipe is just for you.

Our polished stainless steel VJ pipe makes you want to put it right out there in the open rather than hiding it with your sewer lines.  But it’s more than just cosmetic; our laboratory-grade pipe is easier to keep clean, and reflects more heat than ordinary VJ pipe, delivering lower heat losses.

We are the only manufacturer of laboratory-grade VJ pipe.  It was such a no-brainer, we can’t believe our 50 year-old industry waited for us to invent it!

Additional features:

  • Vacuum level below 5.0 micron Hg (5.0 millitorr)
  • Exceeds ANSI/ASME B31.3 standards


  • DV-6R vacuum gauge tubes
  • Process pipe sizes from 1/2″ to 6″
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